Short film about Sophie Calle

Creating the soundscape for the film about Sophie Calles exhibition "Les Fantômes d'Orsay" I used, among others, the voices of my mother (French is her first language) and of our cat Vos. I made sound recordings in our family chalet in Switzerland and in the remaining parts of the Hotel d'Orsay in Paris.
Below is a text I wrote at the request of Musée d'Orsay about my intentions and the creative process of making this film.
Animation was made in collaboration with Zoltan Korai.
(Watching the film is recommend with headphones)

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Sick of Goodbyes, Vol. 1

Reflection of a girl on the grooves of a record
Snippet from video work “Sick of Goodbyes Vol.1” (1996)


My grandmother in her thirties coming alive in a sequence of passport photos
Video work “Mormor” (1999)